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March 2014 Rodeo Results

Arcadia All-Florida Championship Rodeo

Stock Contractor: Frontier Rodeo Company and Klein Brothers Pro Rodeo

Rodeo Secretary: Lauranne Smith

Timers: Terri Gay and Jennifer Jeans

Announcers: Greg Simas and Donnie Gay

Bullfighters: Blue Jeanes and Cody Webster

Total Payout

Clown/barrelman: Keith Isley

Flankmen: John Patterson, Heath Stewart and Carter Smith

Chute Boss: Heath Stewart

Pickup Men: Rex Bugbee, Shawn Calhoun and Jason Bottoms

Photographer: Mike Rastelli

Bareback Riding

1J.R. Vezain86$3,350
2Colt Bruce85$2,568
3 Tilden Hooper84$1,563
3Clint Laye84$1,563
4Scotty NeSmith83$596
4Winn Ratliff83$596
4Kyle Brennecke83$596
5Steven Peebles82$335

Steer Wrestling

1Tyler Pearson4.8 seconds$1,665
2J.W. Lorenz5.8 seconds$1,448
3Troy Orr6.2 seconds$1,230
4Ivan Bruised Head6.4 seconds$1,013
5Kamry Dymmek6.5 seconds$688
5Gary Gilbert6.5 seconds$688
6Payton Caudill7.0 seconds$362
7Jordan Thrasher7.5 seconds$145

Team Roping

1Cory Kidd V and Brad Culpepper5.5 seconds$1,823
2Ross Lowry and Stephen Britnell5.7 seconds$1,509
3Joshua Torres and Jonathan Torres5.8 seconds$1,194
4Jacob Locke and Tom Bourne6.0 seconds$880
5Kaston Peavy and Rowdy Lee6.2 seconds$566
6Wes Goodrich and Mat Zancancella6.3 seconds$314

Saddle Bronc Riding

1Will Smith89$3,071
1Spencer Wright89$3,071
3Tyrel Larsen88$1,623
3Isaac Diaz88$1,623
5Ryan MacKenzie84$811
6Cody Wright82$278
6Cody DeMoss82$278
6Jeremy Melancon82$278
6Heith DeMoss82$278
6Cole Elshere82$278

Tie-Down Roping

1Nathan Steinberg9.5 seconds$2,011
2Scot Meeks10.3 seconds$1,748
3Garrett Beach10.9 seconds$1,486
4Joe Jessee11.0 seconds$1,224
5 Rick Greiner11.1 seconds$962
6Will Lane11.7 seconds$699
7K.C. McBride11.8 seconds$437
8Seth Rodriguez11.9 seconds$87
8Trae Adams III11.9 seconds$87

Barrel Racing

1Sally Young17.46$2,707
2Teal Hampton17.57$2,301
3Layna Kight17.63$1,895
4Austyn Holly17.65$1,624
5Sabra O'Quinn17.68$1,151
5Macy Brown17.68$1,151
6Jana Bean17.72$677
7Maeghan Bryant17.74$541
8Megan Swint17.77$474
9Amanda Amos17.82$406
10Nancy Ingram17.83$203
10Casey Chappel17.83$203
10Kallie Johnson17.83$203

Bull Riding

1Kenny Rogers88$3,388
1Jeff Askey88$3,388
3Tim Bingham85$1,790
3Jacob Marcell85$1,790
5Lucas Guilbeau84$895
6Kanin Asay82$307
6Casey Huckabee82$307
6Bobby Welsh82$307
6Wagner Luciano82$307
6Ty Harris82$307