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March 2015 Rodeo Results

Arcadia All-Florida Championship Rodeo

Stock Contractor: Frontier Rodeo Company

Rodeo Secretary: Lauranne Smith

Officials: Bobby Gornto and Joe Bob Locke

Timers: Terri Gay and Jennifer Jeans

Announcers: Greg Simas and Donnie Gay

Bullfighters: Blue Jeanes and Darran Robertson

Total Payout

Clown/barrelman: Keith Isley

Flankman: Heath Stewart

Chute Boss: Heath Stewart

Pickup Men: Rex Bugbee, Shawn Calhoun, Ryan Bestol and Jason Bottoms

Photographer: Mike Rastelli

Sound: Mark Evans

Bareback Riding

1Will Lowe87$3,376
2Tim O'Connell86$2,588
3 George Gillespie IV84$1,575
3Austin Foss84$1,575
5Wyatt Denny83$788
6Kyle Brennecke82$563
7David Peebles81$450
8Matt Bright80$169
8Tanner Phipps80$169

Steer Wrestling

1Jake Hoffman5.0 seconds$1,816
2Hardy Dymmek5.4 seconds$1,579
3Gary Gilbert5.9 seconds$1,224
3Tyler Pearson5.9 seconds$1,224
5Justin Rayburn6.1 seconds$869
6Levi Lassa6.6 seconds$632
7Ace Campbell6.7 seconds$395
8Cord Spradley7.3 seconds$158

Team Roping

1Clint Summers and Brad Culpepper4.9 seconds$1,670 each
2Bradley Massey and Shane Hester5.9 seconds$1,382 each
3Travis Dorman and Spunk Sasser6.4 seconds$806 each
3Bart Brunson and Wesley Brunson6.4 seconds$806 each
3Brent Aldoff and Zak Richardson6.4 seconds$806 each
6Jimmy Tanner and Shawn Harris6.9 seconds$288 each

Saddle Bronc Riding

1Spencer Wright92$3,452
2Cort Scheer88$2,646
3CoBurn Bradshaw86$1,956
4Joe Lufkin85$1,266
5Heith DeMoss83$437
5Ryan Bestol83$437
5Chuck Schmidt83$437
5Jesse Wright83$437
5Isaac Diaz83$437

Tie-Down Roping

1J.R. Myers9.4 seconds$1,946
2Michael Otero9.9 seconds$1,692
3Chase Cobb10.1 seconds$1,438
4Nick Mazilli11.5 seconds$1,184
5 Bart Brunson11.6 seconds$931
6Frank Ruff, III12.2 seconds$677
7Seth Rodriguez12.6 seconds$423
8Jordan Thrasher12.7 seconds$56
8Ben Mayworth12.7 seconds$56
8Polo Bacque12.7 seconds$56

Barrel Racing

1Nicole Yost17.49$2,301
2Cassidi Blinstrub17.51$1,956
3Crystal Shumate17.56$1,611
4Paige Willis17.60$1,381
5Megan Swint17.68$1,151
6Jewels DeNapoli17.70$805
7Carmel Wright17.72$575
8Lindsey Hayes-Banks17.74$460
9Jennifer Mosley17.75$403
10Jill Tanner17.76$345
11Michelle Lummus17.79$288
12Jaime Barrow17.81$230

Bull Riding

1Cody Teel84$3,558
1Jordan Sammons84$3,558
3McKennon Wimberly80$2,282
4Forrest Marshall78$1,477