Mosaic Arena

Mosaic Arena

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The Arcadia All-Florida Championship Rodeo, Inc is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. You can make a donation online now via credit card.  The support we have received from the community has been astounding. We have raised $6.2 million with a goal of $9 million (cost of construction). The amount raised has allowed us to secure financing and commence construction. We are continuing our capital campaign efforts to lessen the long term debt which will allow us to give more back to our community.

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About The Mosaic Company and The Mosaic Company Foundation

The Mosaic Company is the world’s leading producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash, two essential crop nutrients. Driven by its mission to help the world grow the food it needs, Mosaic is committed to strengthening global food security and protecting critical water resources. The Mosaic Company and The Mosaic Company Foundation make investments in and partner with best-of-class leaders in the focus areas of food, water and local community investments. More information about Mosaic is available at and

Naming Donors

Ben Hill Griffin, Inc.

Jack Urfer

Doyle & Debbie Carlton, III

The William G. “Kayo” Welles IV Family

Terry & Susie Welles

Diamond Donors

The William G. & Marie Selby Foundation
Tom & Jan Hollingsworth
R. Dean Hautamaki
First State Bank of Arcadia
Ryals Cattle, LLC

James S. and Frances Parker
Arcadia Stockyard
Richard & Karen Johnson Family Fund with the GiveWell Community Foundation
Turner Realty Co.
Vose & Dixie Babcock

DeSoto Ag & Auto
Arnold Simonsen
DeSoto Chrysler Dodge Ford Jeep
Florida Department of Agriculture
The Vaughn Jordan Foundation
Roland and Lynda Durrance

Gold Donors

Farm Credit of Florida
Hurlburt Foundation
R.G. “Kelly” Caldwell
Don T. & Cynthia Hall
Jimmy Yarbrough (In Memory of Matt Condo)

Louis & Gertrude Morgan Foundation
Elk Hammock Ranch
Creighton Construction
Cary Carlton Family

Florida Power and Light
Peace River Distributing
The Kevin and Lynn Shelfer Family
Mabry Carlton Ranch Inc.
Rex and Beverly Harper

Silver Donors

Walt and Jill Bethel
Fussell Meats, LLC
David Carlton
Bethel Farms, LLP
Smuggler’s Community Foundation

Florida Fertilizer Co., Inc.
Dick and Peggy Akins
Harplyn Inc.
Muriel and M. Lewis Hall Jr.

Peace River Citrus Products

Matt & Jackie Condo
Correct Care, LLC
Caldwell Trust Company
James Barfield

Bronze Donors

Arcadia Gun Club
Busy Bee Cabinets
Barkett law
Cowboy Church
Jared and Anne Kittle
In Memory of Harold McLeod
In Memory of Felton Garner
Anthony & Ruth Blumenthal
In Memory of John R. Wall
Walter & Elaine Brown
Rusty & Amanda Cox
Alfred & Nancy Higginbotham
Douglas & Carolyn Holder
Buddy & Sandy Mansfield
Ronald & Debra Neads
Marshall & Charlotte Orr
Roy & Ruth Quinn
George & Tina Skestos
Rosalina & Joseph Stier
Bill & Linda Strickland
John & Jan Sullivan
Billie & Marty Vasek
Willie & Annie Wood
Wittmer & Linehan
Elaine Ackley
Shawn Agnini
Sarasota And Manatee County Bar in Honor of James S. Parker
Diane Young
United Country / Gulfland Real Estate
Bradley Swenson
John & Teri Dees
Geoffrey & Alexandra Smith

Brian and Mary Kay Burns
Matt Yahraus
Miriam Bjuman
Dennis Brown
Jimmy Barrera
Jacqueline Bourland
Thomas P. Butler, Jr.
Mickey Callanen
Brian Phillips
Carl Sharpe
Dr. Barbara Carlton
Linda Clarkson
Carroll Carvel
James Colburn
Michael Collin
Thomas Cook
David Coonan
Thomas Cory
Lorenzo Dixon
Karen Dunbar
Mary Ellen Dunne
Scott Engel
Naomi Farr
Robert Feuerborn
Judith Hadden
Kay Lyons
Riguey Valencia
Kathleen Van Hauwe
David Van Hauwe
Christopher Verney
John Vice
Jim Vroman
Heather Waldron
Carl Walker
Sweetwood Citrus, Inc.
Nora and Ava Corbin



Will and Kay Wise
Ray Hautamaki
Ron Jones, Sr.
Womack Sanitation 
Kirk and Rae Malcom
Stephen and Susie Obrien
Eric Hagerstrom
Gary Heiberg
Robert Heustis
Buster & Cheryl Hall
Michael Hill
Shirley Hill
Robert Hookailo
Ellis Hudson
Heather Hurley
Linda Jones
Richard Jones
Thomas Jones
John Kelieher
Laurie Kirkpatrick
Butch Knuppenburg
Lloyd Lavailey
Michael Lennie
Sonja Limer
Steven Lindahl
Harvey Long
Robbie Lucas
Andrea Lundin
Polly Rowan
James & Susan Lanier
Maureen Walker
Cindy Watson
Kenneth Westfall
Betty Whitis
Randi Willis
Jean Wood
Morris Kulmer
Bryan & Shauna Kesseler

Dr. John Lewis
Hog Bay Ranch, LLC
Peter Matton
Andrea Macko
Daniela Miartus
Shelley McPhail
Judith Miller
Kenneth Mann
Sandra Miller
Linda Milligan
Edward Montegari
Edward Napoleon
Judy Narutowicz
Edmond Nole
Isabel Norton
Ronald Norvell
Tomasz Nowak
Harold Orr
Cathy Payne
Duncan Person
Don Poppenhager
Jim Price
Virginia Pringle
Megan Richardson
Michael Roush
Jason Zalva
Darlene Shall
Doug Shearer
Beverly Smith
John Steile
Michael Stiles
Victoria Schell
Terry Tingley
Nancy Triggs 
Neal Land Ventures, LLC
In Memory of Patricia Plotkin