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Lock your doors, hide your women and keep your livestock corralled; the Tater Hill Bluff Gang is coming to town! The Gang has been around on a regular basis since approximately 1966. It was originally started by Terry Welles around 1963. This group consists of individuals from in and around our community. As of this time, there are approximately 50 members. They are all volunteers who enjoy having fun and entertaining the rodeo fans. Some of the Gang have been involved with the group since its beginning. The Director of this dastardly bunch is Walter Brown, a lifelong Arcadia resident. He has been with the Shootout since approximately 1966. In addition to Mr. Brown, there are numerous Outlaws, Townspeople, a Banker, Otis – the town’s whiskey quality control inspector (he does a great job) – the Sheriff, several Deputies, a Town Judge, Bartender, a Saloon Madame and of course, the very attractive yet hardly virtuous Dance Hall Girls.