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The Quadrille is a very popular event which can best be described as “square dancing on horseback.” The Arcadia All-Florida Saddle Club Quadrille was begun in 1946 by Charles S. Hill and Gerald Taylor. At that time the team practiced at the old Welles Rodeo Grounds among the pine trees. The Quadrille consisted of eight couples with matching white gear on horses and each couple wore matching shirts and jeans. Quitmon and Adelle Brown led the Quadrille for about 35 years. Riders usually practice for about 3 months before each rodeo. The Quadrille has performed all over the state of Florida for different rodeos as a specialty act. The couples still wear jeans and matching shirts with chaps, black hats and matching gear on horses. The riders are all members of the Arcadia All-Florida Saddle Club.